Bugatti Chiron Honors Type 55 Super Sport Designed by Jean Bugatti

bugatti chiron super sport type 55
Bugatti Chiron Honors Renowned Type 55 Super SportBugatti
  • Bugatti has revealed the latest one-of-one Chiron designed by its in-house Sur Mesure team, this time called the "55 One of One."

  • As the name implies, the newest Sur Mesure Chiron pays tribute to the renowned Type 55 Super Sport designed by Jean Bugatti.

  • The special-edition Chiron Super Sport shares its black and yellow paint scheme with the first Bugatti Super Sport model ever built.

There are no ugly Bugatti Chirons—or at least we haven't seen any—and the brand's newest one-of-one commission is anything but. On the contrary, Sur Mesure's latest creation is a cut above, using Bugatti's two-tone paint scheme to its full appeal. Called the "55 One of One," this bespoke Chiron Super Sport is a rolling homage to Bugatti's storied past. As the name implies, the newest creation honors the Type 55 Super Sport designed by Jean Bugatti.

bugatti chiron super sport type 55

It's not the first Sur Mesure project that harkens back to previous Bugatti models. The "57 One of One" revealed last year takes after the iconic Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic. On its surface, there's not much to make the 55 any more special than other Chiron Super Sports, but dig a little deeper to start and reveal its secrets.

The two-tone black-and-yellow color scheme is painted to match the first-ever Bugatti Super Sport, the Type 55 designed by Jean Bugatti in 1931. The black centerline on the Chiron directly matches the same look on the original.

Further customizations are littered throughout the 55 Super Sport, marking its uniqueness. The number 55 can be found throughout the car—under the rear wing, painted on the fenders, and stitched to the inside of the doors.

"On the original historic car, where you have some parts that end at a certain point, you can just paint until the shut line," said Jascha Straub, head of the Sur Mesure division. "But with the Chiron Super Sport, it had to fade into zero. It was a long and intricate process, but it was the right approach." We think so too.

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