‘It bugs me’ – Sunak on making the bed and watching Friends instead of reading

Rishi Sunak has discussed his irritation at an unmade bed as well as his bedtime habit of watching Friends reruns, in an interview with Grazia.

Joined by his wife, businesswoman Akshata Murty, the Prime Minister answered a number of questions about household jobs ahead of International Women’s Day (March 8), including who cooks more and who is more likely to make the bed.

“We found out how the country’s most high-profile couple share domestic duties,” Grazia UK’s Instagram caption read.

Mr Sunak cut a quieter figure than his wife, who took the lead on answering questions, with the Conservative Party leader jumping in to criticise Ms Murty’s dishwasher stacking and his children’s lack of dog-walking.

On unmade beds, the Prime Minister said: “It bugs me, so I actually sometimes come up back into the flat from the office after we’ve all left and make the bed, because I’ll be irritated if it’s not made.”

Asked about his favourite job around the house, he replied: “Hard choice… dishwasher stacking, making (the) bed? Both have a nice, satisfying ending. Probably the bed.”

Mr Sunak labelled his wife’s penchant for having plates in her bed when she was younger as “disgusting” and said “That’s me” when asked who is better at loading the dishwasher.

“It requires redoing after you’ve been very enthusiastic…” he told his wife.

“It creates more work. And then more goes in as a result!”

He also said he wishes his children were better at walking their dog, but admitted his wife reads more than he does.

“I’m too exhausted when I get home at the end of every day, so I watch an episode of Friends and then go to bed. It never gets old,” he said.

“We have watched the same episodes of Friends I don’t know how many times,” said Ms Murty.

Ms Murty also conceded that her husband is “the better cook”, although Mr Sunak added: “It’s mainly just breakfast on a Saturday morning – Gordon Ramsay scrambled eggs.”