Bully boyfriend storms ex's home and raises fists at police in violent 30-minute stand-off

An abusive ex-boyfriend stormed into his former partners home before engaging in a tense 30-minute stand-off with officers that rushed to the scene.

Anthony Grogan, from Kendal, appeared at his ex-girlfriend's Huyton residence on Manor Farm Road around 5am on December 9, 2023, where he violently banged on the door. After being told to leave, she retreated with her children into a bedroom and called the police - only for Grogan to break a window and force entry.

He grabbed her phone and swiped her house keys before making his exit via the shattered window. As police arrived and began speaking to the victim, the 32-year-old jumped into view once more, instigating an aggressive fight.


At a sentencing hearing yesterday (April 22), prosecutor Maxwell Cole told Liverpool Crown Court: "Police attempted to detain him but he managed to evade the police before attempting to fight them, managed to run around them and back into the premises before locking the door. He was shouting 'let's go', and raised his fists.

"Several police officers attended and interacted with the victim out of the second floor window, where they saw the defendant was holding a knife, and he was screaming, he was shouting, he was throwing items down the stairs at officers, including a drawer. After a 30-minute stand-off, the defendant calmed down and officers were able to arrest him.

"The victim remained in the house with her two children throughout all this. She heard the door lock and saw the defendant running upstairs, and she could hear him throwing things down towards the police."

In a victim statement, she said: "I genuinely consider myself a resilient person however this incident has affected me and more importantly my children. I have moved house following this incident and any noise I hear I feel freaked out by what happened.

"It's very worrying that someone who was supposed to care for me and my children would do this to me."

Mr Cole said Grogan, of Gavel Court, Kendal, had 45 past convictions for 102 offences, including a "considerable amount of assaults of emergency workers" between 2011 and 2023. The 32-year-old pleaded guilty to three more offences of burglary, affray, and assaulting police, the ECHO reports.

Peter White, defending, said: "Grogan accepts he has a history of drug use and a history of alcohol use. He was clearly taking the breakdown of the relationship very poorly. He wasn't seeing his children, and unfortunately he has gone to the address and acted in this manner."

"He's using his time in custody best he can. He has enrolled on a nurturing programme at HMP Altcourse for offenders with domestic violence offences. He wishes to engage with the Building Better Relationships programme. He does have some history of employment; he has done two welding courses in custody and is hoping to find employment back in Cumbria when he is released."

The judge, Recorder Michael Blakey, said: "You have a terrible record. You have numbers convictions, 45 for 102 offences, and you have breached many orders that the court has imposed over the years. It's clear from your record you have no respect for the law, but while in custody one hopes you will learn that respect."

He sentenced Grogan to 33 months in prison for burglary and affray, and three months for assaulting police, adding up to a total of 36 months.