Bulwell residents say 'it's a bit strange' as police presence outside property continues

Police car with officer at side, outside a house on Newmarket Road, Bulwell
Police outside a house on Newmarket Road, Bulwell -Credit:Nottingham Post

Mystery surrounds what has happened at a house in Bulwell after police said they had no record of an incident at the address. A police car has been parked outside the property in Newmarket Road all day and an officer has been guarding the premises.

Varying reports from neighbours say that the police have been investigating the house for days. A Vauxhall Astra police car was seen stationary outside the home on Newmarket Road from the early hours of Friday, May 17. At around 5pm, it was replaced by a much larger police van.

Alan Raven, who has lived on the street for 30 years, had been speaking to an officer at the scene. He said he didn’t know what had happened, but said he had seen two police cars and three officers at around seven o’clock in the morning “come kicking the door down.”

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He said: “It’s a bit strange. I’ve never seen a police car lingering like this. It’s generally okay around here but it’s like everywhere else, you’re always going to get one or two who don’t meet up to your standards but you have to get on with what you get.

“I knew something had happened because his [the man who lives at the property] car hasn’t been there for three days.”

Police van outside house on Newarmket Close, Bulwell, with black car with no numberplate visible parked on grass outside house on left
The car was replaced by a police van at around 5pm on Friday, May 17 -Credit:Nottingham Post

Some online reports cited forensics at the scene. But Alan denied seeing forensics and also said there had been no noise.

Another resident of the close, who didn't want to be named, said: “The police have been there since Tuesday. At 5.15 in the morning, I saw four police officers knocking on the door. I say hello to the guy who lives there if I see him. But I haven’t seen him for a while.

“I don’t know what’s happened because I’ve checked my Ring doorbell footage and it’s not picked anything up. I saw someone online talking about forensics but I haven’t seen any and my daughter who lives at the bottom of the road said she hasn’t either.”

The house outside which the police have been seen is on a square at the top of Newmarket Road, near the junction with Lillington Road. When we visited, there were a number of children playing in the area and public safety did not seem to be a concern.

There was no cordon. The one police officer at the scene on May 17 did say he was "guarding" the house, which was seen with a black car outside bearing no numberplate.

Nottinghamshire Police were contacted for comment but said they didn't know about an incident at the location specified. We have contacted them again to clarify, but had received no response at the time of publication.