Bungling Scots thief gets 'instant karma' after stealing from front garden

This is the moment when a bungling thief fell over immediately after stealing from a front garden in Edinburgh.

The footage, which was captured on a doorbell camera, was shared by the resident on Craigs Road in the Corstorphine area after the incident happened at around 1am on Sunday, April 28. In the clip, a hooded figure can be seen appearing to pinch a plank of wood from the front garden.

After picking it up, they attempt to run off and join their group of friends on the street. However, as reported by Edinburgh Live, they then slip and collapse on top of the wall at the front of the house.

The bungling thief fell over as he tried to flee with the building materials
The bungling thief fell over as he tried to flee with the building materials -Credit:Edinburgh Live / UGC

An audible burst of laughter can then be heard from the rest of the group. The five-second clip was shared in a local Facebook group as locals found the incident hilarious.

Some residents labelled it as 'instant karma' for the youth, after he tried to make off with the building materials.

The owner of the property, who preferred to remain anonymous, said: "Apparently there were trying to steal some fencing materials I had in the garden but in the end they didn't take anything so I didn't call the police.

"They got the punishment they deserved in the end so I decided to share it because it was quite funny. They were probably just having fun by trying to steal it."

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