Bus Drives Through Deep Floodwaters in Auckland

A bus drove through deep floodwaters in Auckland, New Zealand, on February 1, after days of record-breaking rain across the country.

This footage, filmed by Debbie Burrows, shows vehicles partially submerged on Beachcroft Avenue in Auckland, as the bus drives through the flooded road.

New Zealand’s Met Service reported Auckland received over 419 mm (16.4 inches) of rain throughout the month of January, which was six times the city’s average January rainfall.

Wet weather continued across parts of the country’s west coast on February 3, with the Met Service urging locals to remain vigilant. Credit: Debbie Burrows via Storyful

Video transcript

- This is Beachcroft Ave, Queenstown Road [? Int. ?] Completely underwater, as it was on Friday. Today being Wednesday 1st of February, it's about 6:00 AM. This car here is still there from Friday's flooding. Now floating. And this guy here also now floating into the bottom of our driveway. Was there from Friday.

And unbelievably, I see a bus trying to navigate this water. If I was not videoing, I wouldn't believe this. No. You are kidding me.