Bus safety nightmare in valleys town 'should've been sorted years ago'

Residents living on a valleys road are worried about their safety and say Stagecoach buses drive on the pavement "daily," passing just in front of their front doors. One Tylorstown homeowner lives on East Road, and she says she almost was run over by a bus while she was walking outside her home. This has sparked concern in our comments section.

Years' worth of CCTV footage that appears to show the buses driving on the pavement was taken by another roadside resident. The videos, which were sent to WalesOnline, appear to show the bus drivers pushing through when there is not enough room on the road for two buses to pass at the same time.

Locals assert that despite years of complaints to Stagecoach, Rhondda Cynon Taf Council, South Wales Police, and even their local politician and MP getting involved, nothing has changed. WalesOnline was told by Stagecoach that they will "fully investigate this matter" and that safety is "our top priority". The council, meanwhile, declared that a formal investigation into these instances was a police matter and that it had discussed its concerns with the bus operator.

Buses are having issues on the street getting past -Credit:David Wheatley
Buses are having issues on the street getting past -Credit:David Wheatley

Commenter Dayzee says: "Everyone passing the buck, as per usual. This sums up poor attitudes to pedestrians and householders and should have been sorted out years ago." User Jimmyj agrees: "This is too much of a problem for those involved to be solved so just push it all under the pillow and hope it goes away."

Jeffwales says: "RCT Council bear much of the responsibility for allowing parking on all roads despite them clearly being aware this has been a long-standing problem for decades. The council can utter all the rhetoric they like about safety, however this problem, coupled with a number of other safety issues in the valley generally has never been dealt with. What it will take is a serious accident or even worse, a death, and the media will then be on it like a rash and the council will finally do something."

Rainy68 says: "Easiest option, in my opinion, is simply to put traffic lights at either end of the street allowing one way traffic at any time." Jeffwales thinks differently: "Traffic lights will only increase the problems, resulting in more build-up of traffic and roads being blocked. If an accident or a fire etc how would public services attend if they had even more obstacles to navigate, and with even more frustration."

MSNA writes: "However the person making the complaint says they dont want double yellow lines as it would limit residents' parking. You can't have it both ways, public transport or private parking."

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