Business owner ‘stunned’ after seeing man lying on floor in Hackney shooting

A Hackney business owner said he was “stunned” after seeing a man on the floor and a woman slumped in her chair following a shooting which injured three adults and a child.

Ayo Adesina, 40, who owns Aso Rock Restaurant in Hackney, which is located about 80 metres from the incident, noticed a large police presence on Kingsland High Street on Wednesday evening.

Mr Adesina said he was in the area supporting Labour veteran Diane Abbott and visited his restaurant before he heard a series of loud noises which he believes accounted for five or six gunshots.

“I heard gunshots though at the time I thought it was just a car,” he told the PA news agency.

“I looked at the road and I could see there was a whole crowd of people.

“I got on an e-bike and went up there and saw a man on the floor who wasn’t moving.

“There was a woman slumped in her chair. I think someone who worked in that restaurant went to get a jacket or blanket to put on her leg.”

Mr Adesina described the incident as “crazy” and said the incident was “reckless”.

Crowd gathers outside a restaurant in Hackney following a shooting
Ayo Adesina filmed the moment crowds gathered and police cars lined in the street on Kingsland High Street, Hackney (Ayo Adesina)

“It’s a high street where, especially in the summertime, people sit outside – whoever did this is very reckless,” he said.

“People are walking up and down that high street – I’ve been to that restaurant with my family.

“It’s a local place and very popular in the summer.

“The only saving grace is that it didn’t happen on a Friday or Saturday night because it’s even busier.

“It was crazy and everyone was stunned.”

The business owner, who lives in Romford, filmed the moment crowds gathered outside the restaurant and police cars lined the street.

“There were loads of police, probably at least 25 or 30 cars,” he said.

“There were loads of people out there. Maybe 200 people crowded around.”

Metropolitan Police said the child is in a serious condition and that they are awaiting updates on the condition of the adults after the shooting on Kingsland High Street.

The four were taken to an east London hospital with “gunshot injuries”.

Police said they were called to the scene at about 9.20pm on Wednesday with specialist firearms officers attending, but no arrests have yet been made.