Busted WILL Release A Third Album After Signing A New Record Deal

Busted have already treated us to A Present For Everyone (geddit?) by properly reforming as a trio and heading off on their amazing Pigs Can Fly tour.

Now though, it looks like Busted are (excitingly) here to stay and will be putting out a third album later this year, having signed a brand new record deal.


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Hurrah! Congratulations, guys!

The band last released a studio album, their second effort called ‘A Present For Everyone’, in 2003, though they did later release a live album, titled ‘A Ticket For Everyone: Busted Live’ in 2004.

According to The Sun, Busted have now signed a deal with Warner Music and will be putting out their third album later this year.

Talking about their new music, Matt told the paper: “We wrote some awesome songs together and now Busted are back! We went into the studio with no preconceptions, and were so elated with the results that we wanted to start a new chapter of our band.


Busted in 2004. Copyright [REX/Shutterstock]

“We’ve had an incredible time on our arena tour, and are now looking forward to releasing new music through a global partnership with East West. It’s great to see Dan, Howard and the team as excited about the new music as we are.

“The album is done, it’s ready to go. We’ve just got to do the little finishing touches.

“It’s the best s**t we’ve ever done by ten times. The first single is f***ing ridiculous. I’m more proud of our first single than anything I’ve ever done in my life. It is the most epic song, it’s ridiculous.


“I think people are going to be a bit shocked but it’s what we wanted. It wasn’t on purpose, we just started working and ended up writing these certain style of songs, in a certain type of way and it all happened.”

Something tells us it’ll definitely be worth the wait.