Busy Philipps Admits She 'F---ing Hated' “Entourage” Before Guesting on the Show — Here's Why She Did It

Philipps also revealed she was Jerry Ferrara's first "make out" partner on the show

<p>Theo Wargo/Getty </p> Busy Philipps is pictured attending the 2024 Writers Guild Awards at Edison Ballroom on April 14, 2024 in New York City.

Theo Wargo/Getty

Busy Philipps is pictured attending the 2024 Writers Guild Awards at Edison Ballroom on April 14, 2024 in New York City.

Busy Philipps is a professional who doesn't let her personal tastes get in the way of her work!

During an appearance on the Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino podcast on April 23, the actress, 44, opened up about her episode on Entourage and confessed she was less than a fan of the beloved dramedy series.

Philipps made her Entourage debut in a season 3 episode titled, "Dog Day Afternoon." She took on the role of Cheryl, one of the girls Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) and Johnny "Drama" Chase (Kevin Dillon) tried to pick up with their dog.

The HBO series, which ran eight seasons from 2004 to 2011, also starred Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Jeremy Piven and Rex Lee.

Claudette Barius/HBO The cast of 'Entourage'
Claudette Barius/HBO The cast of 'Entourage'

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"Full disclosure. Like, I f--king hated that show," she began on the podcast. "And I remember, though, being sort of told, like, ‘This is the thing you like, you should do this.’ Like, ‘you gotta do that. If you're a hot girl, like, like and you wanna be like, you gotta be on Entourage.’"

Despite her lack of enthusiasm for the show, Philipps revealed that she auditioned for a role "a couple times" and recalled the warm reception she received from the cast.

"I really just worked with Jerry and Kevin," she explained, before sharing that she and Ferrara had a makeout scene in the episode — his first in the entire series.

<p>HBO</p> Busy Philipps is pictured on 'Entourage'.


Busy Philipps is pictured on 'Entourage'.

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The White Chicks actress shared that the episode was filmed before "intimacy coordinators" were hired to aid actors on set, and recalled pulling Ferrara aside to go over how their kiss was going to go down.

"I remember, like, taking him aside and being, like, ‘Okay. Look. Like, here's how this is gonna work,'" she said. "Because it was post Dawson's Creek that I did that. So I had obviously done a lot of making out on the on the creek. [So I was like], ‘I need this. I know how to do it, Jerry. Listen, nothing to be nervous about.' So, like, yeah. I remember having this whole conversation, and he was so nice."

<p>HBO</p> (L-R) Jerry Ferrara and Busy Philipps on 'Entourage'.


(L-R) Jerry Ferrara and Busy Philipps on 'Entourage'.

During its eight-season run, Entourage accumulated multiple Emmy awards and Golden Globes nominations. After the series left the air in 2011, the cast reprised their roles in a movie aptly titled Entourage in 2015.

Years after both projects concluded, Grenier told PEOPLE that the stars of the show have remained in touch. "It's family, you know?" he said. "We'll always be connected."

In April 2021, the actor discussed the possibility of the series being revived or scoring a second movie.

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"I think people are always talking about it," Grenier told PEOPLE in 2021. "Whether or not it's true — I think if it was true, I'd be getting a call with an offer."

Asked about what it would take — if there was an opportunity — for him to step back into the Entourage sphere, he said: "Well, it depends on what the offer is."

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