Busy Philipps on Her Daughters’ Unusual Names: ‘I Thought It Was Totally Normal’

Busy Philipps broke the mold when it came to choosing a moniker for her daughters. Now the actress and proud mom to Birdie, 7, and Cricket, 3, is dishing on her girls’ unique names.

“I grew up Busy, obviously, so for me my name was always unusual and different,” she told The Insider With Yahoo at a Baby2Baby event in Los Angeles Wednesday. “When we named Birdie ‘Birdie,’ I swear to you I did not think it was weird. … It never occurred to me that people would think, like, ‘Uh. Another celebrity naming their kid something weird.’ I swear to you I thought it was totally normal.”

And as for Cricket?

“I don’t know where that came from. It’s really weird,” she said with a laugh. “I kind of can’t take credit for either of the names because it really was my husband.”

Check out the video to hear what the 37-year-old had to say about ignoring online mommy-shaming, and tune in to The Insider With Yahoo on TV Friday to see the full interview with Busy.