Busy time for all classes at Castle Douglas Primary School

Castle Douglas Primary pupils have been busy soaking up some fantastic learning lessons recently.

Nursery kids have been trying their hand at bucket drumming and are enjoying working with their older buddies.

P1 and P1/2 visit the nature garden and learn lots of forest skills while P2a have been focusing on developing their team working skills in PE.

P2b have been learning to recognise and order coins in their maths work and P2/3 have been working on their coding skills.

In P3, pupils have been continuing their roots of empathy topic, learning all about a baby’s growth and development and the P4 class have been enjoying applying their learning using active maths challenge cards.

P4/5 have been studying the features of interesting insects in the nature garden, while P5 have been developing their teamwork and collaboration skills in the nature garden.

P5/6 are learning about the Olympics, fast feet, balance and stamina and young boffins in P6 experimented with Skittles and water as they learned about the process of diffusion.

Pupils in P7 have enjoyed learning about coding using their new microbits and have been working to design and programme their own algorithm.