Cadbury breaks silence after bar axed and says 'no plans' for return

Cadbury fans have demanded a return of the Dairy Milk mint crisps - only to be denied by the chocolate maker. Social media users have rushed to implore the chocolate giant, which is based in Birmingham, to bring back a much-loved and much-missed favourite.

One Twitter/X user gushed: "You know what I love best about your country but only discovered here? cadbury dairy milk mint crisps = manna from ****ing heaven." A second said: "another fav, cadbury dairy milk mint chocolate, or Top Deck and Walkers thai sweet chili crisps!!."

"We understand your love for this product, but currently, there are no plans to reintroduce it," the company said. "We do, however, have lots of chocolatey treats to try." Another typed: "Cadbury dairy milk mint crisps chocolate is unbeatable"

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"I'm heartbroken! my favourite British candy bar (dairy milk mint chips) has been discontinued!!! whyyyyyyy?" another asked. Another wrote: "Cadbury, please bring back the Dairy Milk with mint chips." While a third added: "I still get so sad that Cadbury discontinued Dairy Milk Mint Chips bar."

Another moaned: "Why Cadbury's only make this in Ireland and not in the UK is beyond me. It costs a fortune importing it from Ireland." In a gushing five-star review on Amazon, one said: "My son loves this chocolate bar but unfortunately it's not easily available in UK. Bought this for him for Christmas which went down well and wasn't over priced. Will order again."

Another said: "Cadbury's Dairy Milk Mint Crisp is absolutely delicious. I prefer it to the more expensive but similar chocolates produced by other manufacturers. The chocolate melts smoothly in your mouth, but has this unrefined texture, almost grainy without being grainy, feel on the palette, which I prefer to the more expensive products out there.

"I love the fact that the minty bits have the right level of mint and are not hard when you chew them. I have had some where the mint bits have been so hard you need a jackhammer to get through."