Cadbury confirms another chocolate bar loved by fans has been discontinued

Cadbury dairy milk
Cadbury has axed another fan-favourite chocolate bar -Credit:Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Chocolate lovers are in for disappointment as Cadbury has confirmed the discontinuation of a beloved treat after just three years on the market.

The confectionary giant is no stranger to controversy, especially when it decides to discontinue one of its cherished chocolate bars. Over recent years, fans have been forced to say goodbye to several favourites, including the Dairy Milk Peanut Caramel Crisp and the Wispa Gold Hot Chocolate.

The disappearance of the Dairy Milk Mint Crisps bar, which vanished from shelves back in 2009, still leaves many with a sour taste.

The latest casualty in Cadbury's line-up is another fan-favourite, which was spotted missing by eagle-eyed shoppers who couldn't find it during their grocery runs.

A concerned customer reached out on X, formerly known as Twitter, to inquire about the orange-flavoured Dairy Milk, noting its absence at her local Tesco. Cadbury responded with the news that the Dairy Milk Orange (180g bar) had been discontinued as of January, despite fans describing the flavour as 'unreal' and 'great' when it launched, reports the Mirror.

Dairy Milk orange
Dairy Milk Orange was discontinued back in January this year -Credit:instagram

A Mondelez International spokesperson told The Sun: "We continuously adapt our product range to ensure it meets changing tastes whilst supporting growth for our customers and business."

In a silver lining for citrus-chocolate lovers, Cadbury assured that the Dairy Milk Orange Buttons are still available and can be found in stores throughout the UK.

Earlier this year, shoppers expressed their outrage after discovering a significant change to one of Cadbury's classic treats. Cadbury Animals biscuits, once available in packs of seven, have been downsized to contain only five packets, yet they're still being sold for the same price of £1.25.

"Another staple off the food shop, as Cadbury decided not just to increase the price of their Animal biscuits, but also reduce the pack size," lamented one frustrated father on X (formerly known as Twitter). In the face of consumer backlash, Cadbury cited "significantly higher input costs" throughout their supply chain, with ingredients costing more than before.

"As a result, we've made the decision to decrease the amount of packs in Cadbury Animals so that we can continue to provide the great taste and quality our fans expect," they explained.

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