Cadbury 'eyebrows' star Bradley Ford surprises fans with eyebrow dance 15 years later

Bradley Ford and co-star, Georgia Wake, in the Cadbury's eyebrows advert
-Credit: (Image: Cadbury)

It's 2009, you've switched on the telly and a boy and girl start wiggling their eyebrows. The well-remembered Cadbury's "eyebrow" advert is still cherished by many, and it's astonishing to think it's been 15 years since it first graced our screens.

The one-minute commercial featured Bradley Ford and his co-star Georgia Wake energetically wiggling their eyebrows to the tune of 'Don't Stop the Rock'. Bradley was a mere 11 years old when he appeared in the advertisement, but now at 26, he's demonstrated on TikTok that he hasn't lost his knack for the eyebrow dance. Posting under the username the_eyebrow_kid, Bradley has shown that his eyebrow-wiggling prowess remains intact.

Despite the passage of time, Bradley's ability to perform the distinctive move hasn't faded, although he looks much more mature now. While his hairstyle has stayed somewhat consistent, he's certainly grown up into a robust young man with a penchant for humour.

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These days, Bradley leverages his social media presence to create parodies of the famous advert as well as sharing snippets of his everyday life. He's swapped the formal shirt and tie for a relaxed wardrobe, reports the Mirror.

The video of Bradley revisiting his famed eyebrow wiggle has captivated the internet, amassing thousands of likes. Cadbury was quick to respond to the nostalgia-inducing clip, commenting: "All these years later and you have still got it!" Another user suggested: "You need to find the girl and do a collab."

Someone else chimed in: "Cadbury 100% needs to do a remake of this ad." While another added: "The way I thought this was edited or something. Omg brilliant."

"Eyebrows" was an advert designed to promote Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate, featuring two children and their unique ability to make their eyebrows "dance". In the commercial, Bradley and Georgia were captured sitting in a photographer's studio against a grey backdrop, moving their brows at an incredibly fast pace.

The advert swiftly became one of the most unforgettable commercials of all time, with many people eager for its return. Perhaps Bradley's viral videos might inspire a re-make someday.