Cadbury fans fume after spotting repetitive error in popular chocolate bar

A variety of Cadbury's chocolate products are pictured.
Cadbury's enthusiasts have been left scratching their heads -Credit:LEON NEAL/AFP via Getty Images

Cadbury's fans have been left feeling confused after realising that part of a popular chocolate bar has something "missing" when tucking in. The Wispa bar has long been a popular choice for chocolate lovers since its initial launch in the 1980s, reports the Express.

However, the chocolate was discontinued in 2003 which left fans seething at its disappearance. But thankfully, a campaign for its return brought it back in 2007 and it has been a common sight on supermarket shelves since.

Arguably the best part about a Wispa is its bubbly, chocolate centre - but some fans have claimed there is "barely any bubbly goodness" after cracking open a bar this month.

These chocolate fans shared their annoyance on social media as one person wrote on X: "Hey @CadburyUK I almost felt as empty inside as these bitsa Wispa when I opened the pack! Who do I speak to to get a replacement?"

Another shared their anger, writing: "@CadburyUK any idea who nicked the caramel out of my Wispa Gold?"

And yet another person wrote: "Hey Cadbury.... there seems to be something missing in this Wispa gold.... there is barely any of the bubbly chocolaty goodness!"

A fourth penned: "Hey @CadburyUK come get your Wispa it's clearly unwell."

And another chimed in: "Hi @CadburyUK I was shocked to find my Wispa chocolate bar hollow."

In response to the annoyed customers, Cadbury's replied on X, saying: "Sorry to hear that! Please contact the customer care team here: and they'll look into this for you."

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