Cadbury sparks outrage after claiming that 'Creme Egg' is pronounced 'crem'

Alexandra Richards
It's pronounced cream not crem: PA

Cadbury has sparked outrage over the pronunciation of its beloved Easter product- the Creme Egg.

The confusion began when one sweet-toothed fan tweeted the confectionery giant asking the correct way to pronounce Creme Egg.

Shawna Leigh wrote: “Are you meant to pronounce creme egg as cream or crem?”

In a now deleted tweet, Cadbury replied that it was “pronounced as crem”.

The tweet has since been deleted

Twitter users were quick to comment on the controversial ruling.

Zofia Skrakowski said: “We all know that “creme” is pronounced “crem” except when you put egg after it. That’s the rule.”

Another person said: “Shocked to hear that Cadbury want us to pronounce Creme Egg like Scone, rather than like Scone.”

Radio One presenter Greg James deemed the whole situation "ridiculous".

Carl Whaite said:Crem Egg, nah, creme all day long