Cadbury's speaks out after gutted fans beg for 'bad boy' chocolate to return

The iconic chocolate bar hasn't been available for more than a decade -Credit:Getty Images

Chocolate fans were left 'heartbroken' after Cadbury discontinued a popular bar over 10 years ago - and are still calling for its return to this day.

The popular company have axed plenty of popular bars over the last few years, including the Dairy Milk Peanut Caramel Crisp and also the Wispa Gold Hot Chocolate, reports the Mirror.

One specific chocolate bar is still being raved about to this day despite being axed back in 2009, with fans calling for its return to supermarket shelves.

The Cadbury Dairy Milk Mint Crisps were extremely popular and fans flooded social media with sadness as the company announced it had been axed. Now, Cadbury has responded to the echoing of calls to bring this chocolate back.

Back at the time of its axing, one person wrote: "I'm heartbroken! my favourite British candy bar (dairy milk mint chips) has been discontinued!!! whyyyyyyy?"

Years later, another wrote: "Cadbury, please bring back the Dairy Milk with mint chips."

And a third added: "I still get so sad that Cadbury discontinued Dairy Milk Mint Chips bar."

Cadbury Dairy Milk Mint Crisps.
Fans are desperate for the chocolate bar to return -Credit:Cadburys

People are still calling for the return of this Cadbury's bar as fans still refuse to accept it has been axed. Earlier on this April, one fan asked: "Cadbury, When will we get these bad boys back? They are very much missed."

Cadbury responded to this post and finally shut down any hopes of a return, writing: "We understand your love for this product, but currently, there are no plans to reintroduce it," the company said. "We do, however, have lots of chocolatey treats to try."

Cadbury came under fire last month after shoppers noticed there was something different about the iconic Wispa bar. One fan asked: "Can you explain how Wispa bars are more expensive and half the size? One or the other, surely."

The company confirmed later that the Wispa bars have decreased in size due to rising ingredient costs. They said: "Making changes to the weight of our products is always a last resort, however, costs across our supply chain have risen steeply.

"Core ingredients we heavily rely on, like cocoa and sugar are a lot more expensive, while the cost of energy, packaging, and transport also remain high. This means that our products continue to be much more expensive to make and so, to keep our treats affordable, we have needed to make small changes to slightly reduce the weight of some of our products."

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