Calhoun students earn dozens of medals in Alabama Skills USA Competition

Apr. 27—Calhoun Community College had an outstanding performance at this year's Alabama Skills USA Competition, where our students showcased their skills and brought home over 47 medals.

Calhoun students secured 24 Gold medals, 15 Silver medals, and 8 Bronze medals in various competitions such as Additive Manufacturing, Advertising Design, Architectural Drafting, Automated Manufacturing Technology, CNC 2, 3 and 5-Axis Turning Programmer, Computer Programming, HVAC, Healthcare, Welding, and Robotics and Automation Technology to name a few.

"These remarkable accomplishments stand as a testament to the unparalleled educational training and support our students receive at Calhoun Community College," said Nina Bullock, Design Drafting Technology Instructor/SkillsUSA Coordinator. "We pride ourselves on implementing curriculum and programs that provide various hands-on learning experiences, preparing students not only for competitions like these but also for successful entry into the workforce. The empowerment we instill in our students gives them the confidence to become future leaders and excel in their chosen professions," added Bullock.

Alabama SkillsUSA, a partnership with Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, aims to develop the next generation of world-class champions in the workplace. The organization's goal is to place 500,000 new highly skilled Alabamians in the workforce by 2025. This strategic initiative targets middle school, high school, and college students, providing technical skills training, leadership development, and hands-on experiences to prepare them for future success. Alabama SkillsUSA is committed to producing a generation of strong workers and exceptional leaders who will shape the state's future workforce.

"We are incredibly proud of our students' achievements at the Alabama Skills USA Competition," said Jimmy Hodges, Calhoun president. "Their success reflects the hard work, determination, and commitment to excellence instilled in every aspect of our educational programs. We couldn't be happier with the number of awards we brought home from the competition," added Hodges.

Alabama Skills USA Competition winners from Calhoun are as follows. — Additive Manufacturing: Anna Medina and Gabby Zaragosa- first place; Logan Moore and Collin Garay- second place — Advertising Design: Ana Norwood- first place — Architectural Drafting: Joshua Patterson- first place; Domique Wilson- second place; Barbi Osborne- third place — Automated Manufacturing Technology: Christopher Byrd, Brianna Phillips, and Thomas Walker- first place — Automated Service Technology: Justin Williamson- first place; Ashton Coffman- third place — CNC 2-Axis Turning Programmer: Thomas White- third place — CNC 3-Axis Milling Programmer: Jaidon Jamison- first place — CNC 5-Axis Milling Programmer: Austin Kidd- first place — CNC Programmer: Charles Sanders- second-place — Computer Programming: Maximus Mueller- first place; Isaac Smith- second-place — Customer Service: Dylan Atakoussok- first place; Aiyana Seay- second place — Cyber Security: Michael Gronkowski and Jeremy Doggett- first place — Diesel Equipment Technology: Marcos Schimansky- third- place — First-Aid CPR: Landon McCulloch- first place; Jabri Dixon- third-place — Health Occupations Professional Portfolio: Abigail "Gracie" Long- first place — Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration: Jessie Woods- first place — Industrial Motor Control: Cameron Weeks- first-place — Internetworking: Emma Newell- first place — Job Interview: Cade Pressley- first place — Job Skill Demonstration Open: Rachel Bailey- first place; Diana Mendez-Lobato- second place; Kaylee Minor- third place — Medical Math: Giovanni Santillano- first place; Tonya Chandler- second place — Medical Terminology: Hannah Monroe- third place — Robotics and Automation Technology: Armando Ruiz Velazquez and Ethan Sisco- first place — Technical Drafting: Michael "Cove" Badner- first place; Ethan Mitchell- second-place; Scott Trantham- third place — Welding Fabrication: Triston Evanko, Devin Owen, Justin Parker- second place — Welding Sculpture: Lucas Caros- first place; Samantha Walker- second place