California School District's Critical Race Theory Discussion Halted After Angry Scenes

There were angry scenes at a school district meeting for Temecula Valley, California, on Wednesday, March 22, after a man said someone told him to “get out of the country” after he spoke on critical race theory.

In footage livestreamed by the Temecula Valley Unified School District, a black man is heard addressing a recent decision to hire an anti-critical race theory consultant, as well as the board’s decision to ban the teaching of critical race theory. The man calls it “asinine” to ban it, “when it isn’t even taught.”

He says, "Your continued blatant, willful ignorance of the black experience in this country is not only shameful but also detrimental to the education and growth of our children.

“It is a disappointing to see people with a problem with history being taught,” he says.

After finishing his speech, the speaker is heard off camera saying a woman told him “get out of the country” if that’s how he feels. Separate video showed the interaction heard in the video here.

In the district’s footage, board president Joseph Komrosky asks for the man to be escorted out of the building and says, “If you’d like, the whole auditorium can leave.” Board member Allison Barclay says, “I object to that. If that woman said that to him, she needs to be excused.”

In footage posted by Twitter user @fierymaliha, attendees can be heard chanting to demand that the woman leave. Attendees can be heard repeatedly chanting, “Get her out” and “Take the woman.” A woman in a pink top is then seen being escorted out by sheriff’s deputies.

The board president paused the meeting for a 10-minute recess during the heated scenes.

Last December, the Temecula Valley Unified School District board voted 3-2 to ban the teaching of critical race theory in district schools, local media reported. Credit: @fierymaliha via Storyful