Call to ban HMOs in Coventry amid move to convert student block

The Annex on Gordon Street, Coventry
-Credit: (Image: Google Maps)

Coventry Live readers have been having their say on the recent plan to turn a Coventry student block into a 25-bed House of Multiple Occupation (HMO), spotlighting various concerns and predictions about the future of housing.

The scheme would see 'The Annex' on Gordon Street change use and instead of students, the former office block would house professionals and operate as shared accommodation. To do this would require removing a condition dating back to 1998, plans say.

Reader TomO is against it: "Seems like the student accommodation gravy train is slowing down, so they need to find an alternative un-neighbourly and potentially antisocial use for it."

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Tfer writes: "We call them HMOs now, they were always called 'Bedsits' in the past. But the connotations with that is they are overpriced flea pits. A lot of HMOs are! I've lived in HMOs in SE London for 6 years after a relationship breakdown left me totally broke. I'd already spent 4 months on the streets of Peckham so a HMO was a blessed relief. As a stepping stone can be very useful BUT easy to get trapped. I worked hard to get out and ended up moving to Cov. Now have a 1 bed flat."

Commenter Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey commented: "This should be resisted by the authorities. The investors in these schemes need to face the realities of the monster they have created and face the financial repercussions."

Covsynic says: "Be ideal for the poor folk, they need all the help we can give them."

Hackettboy said: "A few years ago I lived in one that said it was for working people, no children etc. Within a few months - families, people with no jobs, druggies, it was a nightmare."

Anne G Murray said: "No HMO, house the homeless. How many more need to be put up with children in B&Bs or temp accommodation?"

Ijg added: "HMOs should be banned forever."

And over on the Coventry Live Facebook page - Terry Johnston posted: "Might as well as students blocks are under used, Can’t see any reason to build new ones."

Are HMOs a positive in cities like Coventry? Let us know in the comments below or HERE.

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