Call of Duty announces Black Ops 6 as this year's game

call of duty modern warfare iii john price with his gun against a red spotlight background
Call of Duty announces Black Ops 6Activision

Call of Duty has confirmed the next game in the series, with the 2024 release set to be Black Ops 6.

The first-person shooter series has released an instalment every since 2005, with speculation ramping up for what will be the 21st main entry.

After months of speculation, the official media channels for the series confirmed that the next game will be called Call of Duty: Black Ops 6, serving as a sequel to 2020’s Black Ops Cold War.

call of duty modern warfare iii john price with his gun against a red spotlight background

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The announcement came with some short marketing clips and images, with one video depicting a group of people as they approach Mount Rushmore. The faces of the Presidents have been blindfolded, with a message reading: “The truth lies.”

The clip focused on the logo for the special forces team at the centre of the series, with the announcement drawing some excitement in the comment section. The official Xbox account commented: “LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”, with the Call of Duty account replying: “LET'S GET IT”

The announcement was also met with enthusiasm from fans, with one writing on X/Twitter: “genuinely so excited to see more about this game,” with the official account responding: “Not too much longer”

There is no official confirmation on the setting or time period for the game, though there are rumours the action will be set during the Gulf War. More will be unveiled on June 9 at 6pm BST, with a conference taking place during the Xbox Games Showcase.

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This has led to further rumours that Black Ops 6 could be included as part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription service upon its release in October, with the Wall Street Journal reporting that the unprecedented move is likely to happen.

“Microsoft plans a major shakeup of its video game sales strategy by releasing the coming instalment of Call of Duty to its subscription service instead of the long-time, lucrative approach of only selling it a la carte,” read the report.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 is expected to release in October.

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