Call Her Jackson Paw-lock: Black Bear Creates Painting at Washington Wildlife Park

A black bear at the Northwest Trek Wildlife Park in Eatonville, Washington, released her inner artist after zookeepers gave her paint, footage posted on Friday, July 1, shows.

The animal care team wanted Fern to use the paint to create paw prints for fundraising events, but she had other plans.

The video shows the free-spirited Fern blending various colors together using her face, which zookeepers said is “rare behavior” since she’s never “played” with paint before. The enclosure floor, turned into a makeshift canvas, was covered with Fern’s creation.

Keepers said they just “let her have fun with it” since the paint was nontoxic and Fern appeared to be enjoying the activity. Credit: Northwest Trek Wildlife Park via Storyful

Video transcript