Call The Midwife star calls out BBC announcer over show introduction

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Call The Midwife star calls out BBC announcerBBC

Call the Midwife star Stephen McGann has taken to social media to announce his frustration at what he feels was a misleading voice introduction to the BBC show.

McGann plays Dr Patrick Turner in the BBC One period show, which centres on the lives of a group of midwives in East London in the 1950s and 1960s. The show, while sweet, can also touch upon serious and sad subjects such as abuse and serious illness.

McGann pointed this out in a tweet condemning the BBC voice announcer who introduced the latest episode of Call the Midwife.

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McGann tweeted: "BBC Announcer: 'Now for a healthy dose of nostalgia with Call the Midwife...' Followed by a drama about domestic abuse, child abandonment, the familial impact of terminal illness, and the psychological burden of serious debt..."

One fan of the show replied to McGann, confirming that they were annoyed. They wrote: "My Father died from an asbestos related cancer. It wasn’t a dose of nostalgia for me. Thank you for highlighting the dreadful impact of exposure to it. You reminded me that he used to wash and change immediately when he came home."

McGann replied: "I'm so sorry to hear that, Karen. It's a wicked, wicked thing x." Another fan also agreed that the introduction was misleading, writing: "Not really “a healthy dose of nostalgia”, to be fair, much more like a case of: BEWARE – all of this can easily happen again."

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The show itself, which also stars Olly Rix and Helen George, has recently come under scrutiny for a perceived insensitive tone in a story about May Tang, Dr Turner's adopted child, almost drowning.

Call the Midwife season 13 airs on Sundays at 8pm on BBC One, and streams on BBC iPlayer.

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