Call for Nottingham's 'ugliest building' to be demolished as plan suggested

Ongoing work at the Broad Marsh Green Heart, with the NCP Maid Marian Way car park seen in the background behind a large orange digger
Ongoing work at the Broad Marsh Green Heart, with the NCP Maid Marian Way car park seen in the background -Credit:Joseph Raynor/Nottingham Post

Nottinghamshire Live readers are happy to hear that a car park in Nottingham that "overshadows” existing efforts to revitalise the Broad Marsh area may be set for demolition. Work is well underway on the 'Green Heart' element of the redevelopment, which will see half the former shopping centre's land being turned into a large park. Readers have been discussing the issue in our comments section.

Opening in July, the natural area 'The Green Heart', will feature sandstone using the same rock on which Nottingham Castle was built and a long bench arcing through various areas of planting and marsh, aiming to "put the marsh back into Broad Marsh". The site will also include 34 newly planted trees and lights at night.

There are concerns however, that the NCP's Maid Marian Way car park will block the outlook for anyone trying to enjoy a long-range view of Nottingham Castle. Councillor David Mellen said of the building: "It doesn't really overshadow a park appropriately, it's certainly got a bit of a weathered look. We hope that there might be a situation where that won't be there any longer, but that hasn't been confirmed yet."

Reader Balug is happy with the plan: “That car park and the college are massive eyesores for people coming from the station, a sight many first-time visitors to the city will have, especially tourists visiting the nearby Robin Hood statue. They need knocking down or a massive refurbishment. We could instead have had a small historical district leading to the castle, instead we have some shabby looking concrete.”

Notty5y asks: “If it is demolished would that mean more business for the Council-owned Broadmarsh car park? Just asking.” Flatfoot1 replies: “Probably, but this building is probably the ugliest in the city, it's clearly in a deteriorating condition and it blocks views of the castle. There are plenty of better and more modern car parks available. Time for it to go.”

Shortlane agrees: “That car park has needed demolishing for years.” Hugh_j would like to see the plan go further: “Makes you wonder how that ever got planning permission right next to the “castle”, and that awful block that used to be Peoples College. More importantly please, let’s get rid of the concrete skeleton of the shopping centre, it’s a worse eyesore and making it part of the 'Marsh' is a joke." Paul Standall is of the same mind: “Plenty round there needs bulldozing…”

How do you feel about losing the car park? Will it improve Nottingham? Have your say in our comments section.