Calls for volunteers to be able to run Nottingham libraries amid closure plan

The exterior of the entrance to the new Nottingham Central Library on Carrington Street.
The Nottingham Central Library on Carrington Street. -Credit:Joseph Raynor/Nottingham Post

The news about some of Nottingham's libraries possibly closing has got a lot of people talking. The city council needs to save money, and they're looking at the libraries to help save £1.5 million. This has left people feeling upset and angry, while some are understanding of the situation, they are still not happy.

The closure of some of Nottingham's libraries is now expected as the council's leader says people are "not living in the real world" if they think enough savings will be made without closing facilities.

Readers were quick to comment on the situation on our website. Many said the plans will have an effect on those who desperately need the facilities.

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Jacknjill said: "I feel so sorry for those on lower incomes who cannot afford the luxury of buying a book to read... Not everyone has Kindles and tablets. Not everyone can afford the internet, so it's again those with less money and opportunities are punished.

"The social activity of a library, part of a community, there will be fewer people able to read, and fewer people understand what a book is apart from at school.

Ram57 wonders: "Why are many councils of different political control all suddenly struggling to provide services? Have they all got worse at managing the budget or have their budgets been cut"

Mrrogerdodger said: "'Living in the real world' would be not having the luxury of so many directors and heads of services sitting in meetings all day coming up with strategies that have got this council into the mess that it’s in. You could get rid of 80% of these people and it would not make an iota of difference to citizens and service users. In fact. it would probably increase efficiency with fewer tiers of management that everything has to filter through. You need front-line staff, their team leader, director and chief executive. Just like the private sector."

Downtoearth1 said: "No problem spending millions on a new library in the city centre though and why do they continue to WASTE money?"

iamtheeggman said: "The central grant was not simply cut, local government finance was reformed. Councils were given important freedoms allowing them to raise money by pursuing non-core business ventures, allowing them to retain a proportion of their business rates, make investments and make other financial decisions. It's so much easier to carry on spending and blame someone else.

Superhans suggested council leader David Mellen should take a pay cut. Mrsh61 and no55 also said the councillors aren't taking care of things properly and aren't good with money.

People are worried about what will happen to those who use the library. Droneimage said: "This is blatantly forcing library users to travel to the city to use the new library and close and sell off the rest of the buildings."

Harrystotle thinks the council isn't keeping up with the times by saying: "The most common reason for someone to visit a library is the access the internet."

Steve G said: "Unfortunately I live in the real world. So when I’ve paid my council tax, I expect value for money. Not dirty streets and buildings that should be open and not shut.

Jenal asked: "Why don't they ask for volunteers to run the libraries? Lots of 'real people' rely on the libraries."

What are your thoughts about the library closures, does it affect you in any way, then we would love to hear what you think, just drop us a comment below.