Callum McGregor responds to Celtic trophy haul claim by Todd Cantwell as Rangers star swatted away

Callum McGregor has responded to Todd Cantwell's claim that he wants to win MORE than the Celtic skipper.

The Rangers midfielder talked up an apparent rivalry between the two after they indulged in a bit of handbags during last month's 3-3 draw at Ibrox. McGregor was spotted on camera telling Cantwell to check the scoreboard with Celtic leading in Govan. There was another confrontation following the full-time whistle after Rabbo Matondo had hit a stoppage leveller to salvage a 3-3 draw for Philippe Clement's side.

Cantwell said afterwards: "There's a rivalry there, right? Listen, there are things which are said on the pitch and things which are said off the pitch. And, as a player, I think you should respect. I want to win probably just as much as he does, probably a little bit more, to be honest, because he has been up here a long time. It's a rivalry, it's a competition. Both teams want to win, both teams need to win. It stops there, that's all it is."

As the pair prepare to do battle at Celtic Park on Saturday, McGregor was asked about Cantwell's comments. But the Hoops captain gave them the short shrift and seems determined to do his talking on the park. He said: "If that's his opinion, then good for him."

As for keeping emotions in check, McGregor added: "The game is emotional. You want to be emotional when you play in the game because I think you've got to find something different to try and get your team over the line.

"Whatever the game throws at you, you have to deal with and try to find a solution. Sometimes they're messy, sometimes it's good football that wins you games. You've got to find that right cocktail to try and win the game."