'I came back from honeymoon to find mother-in-law opened all the wedding gifts - I'm furious'

The bride didn't get a chance to open her wedding gifts (STOCK IMAGE)
The bride didn't get a chance to open her wedding gifts (STOCK IMAGE) -Credit:Getty Images/iStockphoto

A newlywed has been left feeling "violated" after her mother-in-law opened all of her wedding gifts while she was away on her honeymoon. The parent had offered to "help" with any household chores while the happy couple were on their loved-up trip to Italy.

They asked if she would be able to swap their old crockery and toaster for the upgraded sets while they were off enjoying their first few weeks of married life, The Mirror reports.

But the bride was left furious after returning to find that her husband's parents had "completely overstepped" the mark. Not only had they opened all the presents, they had discarded all the boxes and totally rearranged the kitchen.

The enraged newlywed turned to Reddit to vent her anger at the situation, revealing that she has been left "overwhelmed" at the whole situation, is now struggling to find anything in her kitchen, and has discovered several sentimental items have been thrown away.

She wrote: "My mother-in-law tried to 'help' and completely overstepped. She and my father-in-law opened every single wedding present my husband and I received, threw every box away, and proceeded to re-organise the entire kitchen.

"I feel so violated while also feeling so overwhelmed by the task of trying to get things back to how they were. She called the day after our wedding while we were leaving the house for an overnight flight to Italy and asked how she could help.

"We said one task we have been avoiding is swapping out all the old plates and bowls for new plates and bowls, and maybe swapping out the old toaster for the new toaster. (I just wanted them to swap the upgrades).

"She opened every single wedding present and basically threw away every single box in the entire house. I can't return a single thing. (If I CAN return it, I'll have to purchase a vessel to transport the item in).

"She re-organised my whole kitchen and now I can't find anything. I used to love to cook and would combat my lack of appetite by getting excited about trying a new recipe or perfecting a specific dish.

"Now I don't even want to be in my kitchen. I can't find anything and the process of looking usually leads to finding out they moved or threw away something important to me."

The bride was left furious at her mother-in-laws actions (STOCK IMAGE)
The bride was left furious at her mother-in-laws actions (STOCK IMAGE) -Credit:Getty Images/iStockphoto

Not only was the bride robbed of the chance to open the thoughtful gifts from her friends and family, she is now faced with having to write thank you cards for the presents despite not having the thrill of unwrapping them.

She lamented: "It feels like they squeezed all the toothpaste out of the tube and I'm left to try to get it back in. I keep trying to let it go, but now the insurmountable task of writing a hundred thank-you notes is even more painful and miserable.

"I honestly haven't been this depressed in years. I am usually a very positive and optimistic person, but I genuinely can't see the light at the end of this. My safe space has been taken away from me and I don't know how to fix it."

She also revealed that her mother-in-law disposed of a box with her "favourite custom engraved Champagne flutes", a cherished keepsake given to her by her brother for her 21st birthday.

Redditors were appalled at the situation, offering their sympathies to the newlywed. Some outraged users even encouraged her to sever ties with her mother-in-law unless an apology is offered.

One commented: "This is so heartbreaking! They absolutely need to apologise - genuinely. They need to feel remorse for what they did. Even then it won't be good enough. It just won't. Change the locks. Don't let them come over for a long, long time."

Another suggested: "I would NEVER speak with her again or let her in our house. This was your house, your stuff, your space. This wouldn't be acceptable if it was a stranger, so hold her accountable."

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