Camila Mendes reveals Covid was 'a big catalyst' in rekindling relationship with Charles Melton

Camila Mendes has revealed the Covid-19 lockdown was "a big catalyst" in her rekindled relationship with Charles Melton.

The Riverdale co-stars made their relationship Instagram official in October 2018 and dated for around year before breaking up, and they were widely rumoured to be together once again before their romance fizzled out.

Camila, who is now dating Internet personality Rudy Mancuso, confirmed the timeline of events on Monday's episode of the Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard podcast.

"We dated for a year and then broke up for about a year and got back together for about a year. The second time it was like seven months, it didn't last that long," she said.

Camila, 29, explained that the Covid lockdown in Vancouver, where they shot Riverdale, played a factor in their reignited romance.

"Covid, that was a big catalyst. It's 'cause we broke up and then Covid happened and then the show was down for a long time so there was that big separation and then when we came back to Covid, we were both in other relationships," she shared. "The two of us got out of our own relationships, not knowing the other did, and we're in lockdown, we can't leave Vancouver... It's like, 'Maybe the second time's a charm. Maybe this time it'll be different.'"

While the break-up was "mutual", Camila candidly confessed it was still "hard and emotional" to work with him on set every day, especially when their characters Veronica and Reggie dated on the show.

"I'm good at keeping things professional," she stated. "But I think it's hard because of the timing of the show... any time we started to hook up off set and know that something was brewing, our characters would start dating. But they didn't know, no one knew, the writers just would naturally make it happen.

"It ended very peacefully and wish you all the best but it still hurts, you know, no matter what. I think after that there was another break between seasons and when we came back for the last season, there was definitely like an air of zen, we're past it, we worked together a lot but not in a romantic capacity. There was no character dating... It went super smoothly last season."

Riverdale wrapped after seven seasons in August last year.