Camila Mendes's rom-com Upgraded lands strong Rotten Tomatoes rating

camila mendes, upgraded
Camila Mendes rom-com lands strong RT ratingAmazon MGM Studios

Camila Mendes's movie Upgraded has achieved a great score over on Rotten Tomatoes.

Based on 15 reviews (at the time of writing), the romantic comedy landed 80% after premiering on streaming platform Prime Video today (February 9).

The story sees Riverdale actress Mendes in the role of intern Ana, who encounters Will (Shadow and Bone's Archie Renaux) while on a work trip in London. However, he mistakes Ana for her demanding boss Claire (Spider-Man's Marisa Tomei) and she's more than comfortable letting him believe it.

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Here's what the world of critics has to say about Upgraded:


"It's quite the feat to craft a satisfying, clever romantic comedy in this cynical day and age, given almost every meet-cute, situational shenanigan and grand gesture has already been put to celluloid. However, Upgraded, which initially appears to be a stereotypical rags-to-riches tale centred on a desperate gal's life drastically improving after telling a white lie to a cute guy, keeps these expected elements fresh and vibrant.

"Director Carlson Young and screenwriters Christine Lenig, Justin Matthews and Luke Spencer Roberts ground sharp, soaring sentiments in a reachable reality, innovatively remixing the genre's familiar formulas to create their own meaningful and rather endearing movie."

The Guardian

"With the assurance of the romcom formula and some real earthiness to Mendes and Renaux's performances, it's not hard to skim over bits of laziness and some choppy direction. In terms of glorifying toxic bosses in rarefied London spaces, Upgraded is less serious (and more successful) than Bradley Cooper's 2015 haute cuisine mess Burnt. It has more pretensions, and makes slightly more sense, than Emily in Paris.

"In true streaming economy form, it's a smooth, ambient operator, made more memorable than it should be by a still underappreciated Mendes, who will hopefully upgrade to more headlining adults roles sooner rather than later."

camila mendes, upgraded
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"As a coming-of-age, coming into your own power story, Upgraded succeeds magnificently. Her journey of finding ways to succeed and work, and manoeuvre her way into her boss's good graces is far more fairytale-like than the romantic plot, which arguably would have been stronger as a subplot, and not the element half the story hinged on. Renaux, too, is wonderful as Will and has surprisingly good comedic timing.

"For the romance side of things, I would be interested to see what else Mendes and Renaux do along those lines in the future, as this one didn't live up to either the promises of the genre or even its own marketing. However, Upgraded is still worth the watch for the couture, the comedy, and the Devil Wears Prada-esque journey of self-discovery."


"Some rom-com couples sizzle so much you truly trust they'd tear each other's clothes off and then have a hard time picturing them staying together after. Ana and William, meanwhile, feel built to last. That's why it hurts so much fun when it feels like they don't. But that's the twist. Every good rom-com has it. How this one solves it is why you watch."

Upgraded is now available to stream on Prime Video.

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