Canada's new passport design: Close-up photos of what's changing, what you need to know about renewal

Canada will allow for citizens to renew passports online, as well as add new security features to documents, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser revealed

Canadians will be able to apply to renew their passports online beginning this fall, says Immigration Minister Sean Fraser.

Fraser made the announcement today as he and Families Minister Karina Gould unveiled a new design for the Canadian passport.

The new passport boasts many state-of-the-art technology and security features to prevent counterfeiting and is a major shift from the current passport in terms of aesthetics.

The passport covers will feature an updated version bearing a large maple leaf; on the rear, colour has been added in the form of eight red maple leaves.

New cover of the passport.
New cover of the passport.

Inside, the document is replacing the current historic images with images of wildlife and more Indigenous imagery.

Inside of the front cover.
Inside of the front cover.

The officials also confirmed that the Canadian passport will mention the new monarch, King Charles III—first passport in the world to do so—but it will still maintain the Canadian coat of arms using the Canadian crown under the late Queen Elizabeth.

The advanced security features include temperature sensitive ink, and images of wildlife that appear and disappear under UV light.

Ultraviolet light changes the colours and reveals security features.
Ultraviolet light changes the colours and reveals security features.

Anti-tampering features have also been introduced in the passport, which includes a passport chip being placed in a clear plastic page so the holders can tell if it has been tampered with.

“This passport redesign began in 2013 as a regular process to prevent counterfeiting by integrating new and more modern security features and design techniques,” IRCC said in a press release Tuesday.

The new passports will start rolling out starting this July.

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