Canadian Man Travels Mary Poppins-Style Across Frozen Lake With Umbrella Sail

A group of friends skating on Three Valley Lake near Revelstoke, British Columbia, figured out an effortless, very familiar way to move around on the ice by using an umbrella on January 23.

Devin Jensen, who is seen in this video traveling Mary Poppins style, told Storyful he’s been living in Revelstoke since 1989 and has never seen the lake frozen over in this way.

“Not only was it snow-free, but it was also perfectly smooth and flat which made for an amazing afternoon,” he said.

He told Storyful he and his friends were playing hockey for most of the day when they realized how easy it was to coast downwind without moving their feet.

“My friend Bill then realized he had an umbrella in his car so we thought we would give that a try to pick up speed,” he said. “It turned out to be a good idea as we could really cover the lake quickly. It was very fun!” Credit: Devin Jensen via Storyful