Candace Cameron Bure Opens Up About Taking A Ten-Year Break From Acting, And Why She Returned

 Candace Cameron Bure in the trailer for The Christmas Contest.
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Candace Cameron Bure may have left Hollywood  with her family, but she is still staying as busy as ever. In recent years, the former Hallmark star has been producing films for rival network GAF and, before that, she reprised her role as DJ Tanner on Netflix’s Fuller House. While she is continuing to stay booked and busy, there was a time in her life where she didn’t act for 10 years and, now, she’s revealing what made her return.

After Full House ended in 1995, the star took some roles in TV movies and one-offs on TV shows but, between 1997 and 2007, she only had a few roles. She recently appeared on former co-star Dave Coulier’s podcast, Full House Rewind, where the host brought up how much she and her husband, Valeri Bure, moved around while he played hockey. As the actress explained, she stepped away to handle responsibilities within her domestic life:

Some of it’s a blur, but that’s when I took time off from acting. Like, I didn’t act for 10 years. That’s once I had my kids, I was like, ‘OK, I’m a full-time mom and supporting my husband’s career, to go to games and cheer him on.’ You just do it. All the ladies, we just do it.

One has to think that because Candace Cameron Bure had been acting since a very young age, it couldn’t have been easy stepping away. Nevertheless, she definitely had a good reason for doing so. Dave Coulier admitted that he didn’t even know if she would return to acting. And, quite frankly, it wouldn’t have been surprising if she'd quit the business altogether, because of her familial duties. As for what brought her back, she attributes that to her time on Full House:

Truthfully, I’ve loved the industry, and I credit you, Bob [Saget], John [Stamos] and Jeff Franklin. Hundreds of other people, who were our Full House family – but you guys gave us the best experience. And I know there’s tons of horror stories out there, and I am so empathetic and feel for everyone that has had a bad experience. Like, it breaks my heart. However, I am so grateful and blessed that those aren’t our stories, and it made me want to stay in the business. So, I took a break because I wanted to raise my kids. But I always had the desire that if the doors would open again when it felt like the right time to come back, that I would.

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There are a lot of child actors who've left Hollywood behind because it wasn’t for them, they didn’t have a good experience or for some other specific reason. (Following the Quiet on Set docuseries, many former child actors have been opening up about their own experiences as of late.) Ultimately, we as viewers don't know everything that goes on behind the scenes, including matters involving child stars. Knowing that Candace Cameron Bure's experience was so positive that it factored into her return to acting is sweet.

Other celebrities who take breaks from their careers for their families or for a different venture, and some manage to return stronger than ever. I'm happy that Candace Cameron Bure found her way back to the industry and has been consistently cranking out work. I'm sure those who've enjoyed her Hallmark and GAF fare are particularly happy about that as well.

If you're feeling nostalgic, though, you can grab a Max subscription and stream Full House, while Netflix subscribers can check out Fuller House.