'I Can't See the Road': Dashcam Records Georgia Motorist Driving Amid Tornadic Storm

A woman’s worried reaction to driving in Griffin, Georgia, as a tornado was touching down in the area was caught on video on January 12.

Dashcam footage recorded by Stephanie Dubberly captures the anxious conversation she had with her husband on the phone while driving through the tornado-warned storm.

“I don’t know what to do,” Dubberly is heard saying in the video. “There’s, like, trash barrels flying everywhere, I can’t see the road.”

She later wrote on Twitter that the drive comprised the “scariest moments of my life,” adding that she was lucky to sustain no injuries from the experience.

The National Weather Service (NWS) later said that an EF-3 tornado struck the city of Griffin. Credit: Stephanie Dubberly via Storyful

Video transcript

- Oh my god.

- (ON PHONE) Hello.

- Duncan.

- (ON PHONE) Yeah.

- Oh my god. Duncan, I think it's-- oh. Duncan, the wind. Oh my god. Duncan.

- (ON PHONE) Yeah, it's--

- Oh my god, Duncan. Duncan, I think it's-- I don't know where to go, Duncan. Duncan, I don't know what to do. Duncan, I don't know what to do. Duncan. Oh my god. Duncan, it's like right on top of me.

- (ON PHONE) Are you OK?

- No. No, I'm not OK. Duncan.

- (ON PHONE) Where are you at?

- I-- oh my god, Duncan.

- (ON PHONE) At the dentist's office--

- I'm not in the dentist office. I was trying to get home. I cannot see anything. Oh my god. Oh my god. Duncan, I don't know where to go. It's like, really-- oh my god. Duncan, there's like, trash barrels flying everywhere. I can't see the road. Duncan, I don't know where to go.