Canterbury Cathedral lit up with spectacular light display

Canterbury Cathedral has been lit up with a spectacular light display as part of an immersive art installation bringing to life paintings and artwork from the Renaissance.

The cathedral is hosting Luxmuralis: Renaissance, an art installation which uses moving light displays to highlight the iconic building’s architecture while immersing visitors in paintings and artwork from the Renaissance period.

Founded in 597 AD, the Kent cathedral is welcoming the event as an opening to this year’s Canterbury Festival.

Luxmuralis: Renaissance art installation at Canterbury Cathedral
A view of the Nave at Canterbury Cathedral in Kent during a preview of the Luxmuralis: Renaissance (Gareth Fuller/PA)

Organisers say the light show will allow visitors to “journey into the Renaissance world through the eyes of the artists and creatives of that time”.

The Renaissance was a time of major transformation in the world, through cultural, artistic, political and economic growth from the 14th to the 17th century.

Some of the greatest thinkers emerged through this period, changing the world forever.

The stunning art installation, will take 45 minutes for visitors to tour, and will include original soundscapes composed by David Harper and projections created by sculptor Peter Walker, organisers say.