Drivers in Greater Manchester given 'important' message as they face being £1,200 out of pocket

A driver behind the wheel
Car insurance costs have risen rapidly -Credit:Liverpool ECHO

Car drivers in Manchester are facing eye-watering insurance costs when they renew their policies, following a year of sharp price rises that are now leaving the average Mancunian driver around £1,279 out of pocket, just to get their vehicle on the road.

Experts have given their top tips on getting a cheaper quote, reminding drivers of the 'important' steps to take to make sure you're not paying more than you need to be.

Across the UK, insurers are charging roughly £82 less per year for each policy in the first quarter of this year, but data from has shown that drivers in the North West are still seeing price rises. The data shows that Greater Manchester has bucked the national downward trend in the price of insurance premiums, with prices rising for motorists by more than a third across the board amid the cost of living crisis.

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The rise in the cost of insuring a vehicle is not the same across the region, though drivers everywhere are seeing their car insurance costs rise by between 30 and 50 per cent since 2023. Far and away the most expensive place to insure a car in Greater Manchester is the city itself, where the average insurance scheme costs drivers £1,279 - a rise of 43 per cent since last year.

But, according to the price comparison data, which is based on six million car insurance quotes, not everywhere in and around Greater Manchester is quite so expensive a place to insure your vehicle. On the other end of the spectrum, motorists insuring in nearby Warrington are paying almost £400 less, although this is still an increase of 36 per cent on the year before.

The figures also show that customer loyalty is not being rewarded by many insurers, with those who shop around for a new deal saving around £90 on average, while those who stick with their insurer have been slapped with a typical extra £94 when they renew.

These regional and local disparities are made even worse for those who are just starting out in their driving life. The data shows that, a 22-year-old driver is now paying £667 more than they possibly were five years ago - with the average car insurance quote for a young adult hitting £1,930. Five years ago, a 17-year-old was paying £1,263, on average.

Expert advice on how to get a cheaper quote

Louise Thomas, motoring expert at car insurance comments, “For the first time in a while car insurance prices have stalled slightly for most drivers, and this may come as a relief. However, prices are still incredibly high and so people can expect to see their price increase compared to the previous year.

“The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to accept your renewal, especially as we know from our research that shopping around can find you a cheaper price. And on top of this, there are additional ways you can save as well. Choosing a higher voluntary excess can bring down your overall premium - but remember to only choose a price you can afford should you need to make a claim.

"And if you can, paying annually will save you money too, as monthly payments can incur an interest charge. If these aren’t viable options, things like increasing your security or reviewing your mileage to be more accurate could make a difference when quoting.

“Ultimately, shopping around is the only way to know you’re paying the cheapest price available to you. With prices so high, it’s a very competitive market. So if you look around, there’s likely to be an insurer out there willing to offer a cheaper price. We’re so certain that we offer a guarantee to beat your renewal, or pay you the difference, plus £20. In this scenario, you not only get the best price, but you also get more cash. So there’s nothing to lose and lots to be gained.”