New Car Can Shake Snow Off Like a Gigantic Dog

Shake It Off

Like a certain Pixar movie come to life, Nio — China's answer to Tesla, basically — has unveiled in a video that its flagship electric car can literally shake snow and ice off itself in seconds, like a Siberian Husky who's done running the Iditarod Race.

In a video posted to Weibo this past weekend and spotted by Business Insider, Nio showcased this cool ability in its upcoming, ultra-luxurious ET9, which is set to be delivered in early 2025.

The premium four-door electric vehicle, which will cost an eyewatering $112,000, is able to do this doggy snow shake due to its advanced suspension system, dubbed Sky Ride, which includes independent hydraulic pumps for each wheel.

Snowed In

But we are a bit skeptical about ET9's ability to shake off snow — which seems more gimmicky the more we look.

The snow featured in the video released by Nio is fluffy and new. How would the car fare under the kind of conditions we get in North America, such as freezing rain, sleet, and wet snow that can encrust windshield wipers and door handles?

And even if the vehicle does shake off snow and ice, you'll still have to deal with all the snow on the ground around it. So shovels aren't obsolete quite yet.

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