‘Care home inquiries for parents made by more daughters than sons’

Daughters made more inquiries than sons about care for their parents across an eight-month period last year, according to figures from a care home reviews website.

The data also showed that almost 1,000 people visited the website looking for a care home for themselves., which lists all registered UK care homes, said it had 18,041 people make inquiries between May and December 2023.

Of the 10,718 sons and daughters who visited the website about care for their parents, 65% were daughters.

A third were sons while the rest were unknown.

Some 1,308 people were looking for a care home for a partner, while 955 were looking for a care home for themselves.

A total of 3,112 were looking for a care home for another family member, 512 for a friend and 1,663 for a client, while some people made inquiries for more than one person in their lives.

Sue Learner, editor of the website, said: “Women are often being squeezed from both ends and are on the brink of burnout, pulled between the needs of their parents and their children.

“They are often juggling full-time jobs with looking after their children’s emotional and physical needs as well as supporting ageing parents.

“Being part of the sandwich generation can be hugely stressful and women tend to be ridden with guilt and have endless to-do lists.”