Carey Mulligan spends 'as much time as she can' doing skincare

Carey Mulligan spends "as much time as she can" doing her skincare routine.

In the latest episode of Vogue's Beauty Secrets, the British star said that she is a big fan of skincare.

"I love doing skincare and I spend as much time as I can before I'm interrupted by a child or my husband to go somewhere, doing skincare stuff 'cause I love it and it feels like sort of such luxury to spend time not talking to anyone," Carey, 38, said, referring to her husband Marcus Mumford and their three children.

The Saltburn star went on to explain that she has enjoyed working on films where she hasn't had to wear a lot of make-up.

"I've quite enjoyed that a lot of my jobs haven't involved make-up because, first of all, it saves you time in the chair in the morning," she explained. "But it's also, there's an onus on beauty, I think, in our industry that can be quite overwhelming and I think I've enjoyed that a lot of my roles have not really been about that stuff."

Carey continued, "But when there has been more make-up involved recently, it's actually been really fun."

The actress noted that she required a lot of make-up for her most recent role in Bradley Cooper's film Maestro because she plays his onscreen wife Felicia Montealegre Bernstein in many different stages of her life.

"So Felicia started as a young girl, 25, and went all the way through to 56," she said. "And just the make-up process of that was fascinating."