BBC Breakfast's Carol Kirkwood reveals 'nasty knee injury' after bike accident

Carol Kirkwood injured her knee in a bike accident. (Getty Images)
Carol Kirkwood injured her knee in a bike accident. (Getty Images)

BBC Breakfast weather presenter Carol Kirkwood has revealed she suffered a “nasty knee injury” after being hit by a car while riding her bicycle.

On her return to work, the 57-year-old took the opportunity to thank the police, medical staff and fellow cyclists who had helped her.

Kirkwood said: “I was out on my bike and got knocked off it by a car that drove into me.

“It was a pure accident of course but this is a great opportunity to say thank you to the three cyclists that helped me immediately after the incident.

“Also the Thames Valley Police, then ambulance who tended to me and took me to hospital.”

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The presenter was taken to Wrexham Park hospital in Slough, where she hailed the doctor Peter Foskett-Tharby who treated her as “a genius”.

She went on: “I still have a nasty injury on my knee but I’m here and it is great to be here and I’m so grateful for that.”

BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker tweeted to say Kirkwood is, “a little battered and bruised after her bike accident, but it’s wonderful to have her back.”

Kirkwood also tweeted to say she was feeling “overwhelmed and humbled” after being flooded with messages wished her well on Twitter.

Over 1,000 people replied to her original tweet thanking police and medical staff for their help after the accident.

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She wrote: “I am overwhelmed and humbled by all your lovely tweets. Will read them properly when I get home later. THANK YOU! It is so good to be back. Hope you are all keeping well.”

Kirkwood is a regular presenter on BBC Breakfast. She competed on Strictly Come Dancing in 2015, paired with Pasha Kovalev. She was eliminated after seven weeks in 10th place.

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