Carol McGiffin's blunt four-word verdict on Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes' split

Carol McGiffin opens up on Ruth and Eamonn split
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Carol McGiffin, the straight-talking former Loose Women star, has opened up about her thoughts on Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes' split. In a heartfelt admission to OK, she expressed her sadness: "I love them both."

Despite her close ties with the pair, Carol has held back from contacting Ruth directly, explaining that she doesn't want to contribute to the overwhelming "noise" following their public break up.

She elaborated on the situation to the magazine, saying: "It's always sad when a relationship breaks up. But it's sadder when you're so in the public eye. It's really hard. Everyone's speculating, everyone has a theory. I'd put everything I own on the fact that a lot of it is b*******." She added compassionately: "I feel for them both in that respect.", reports the Mirror.

"I love them both, I've worked with them both, been at parties with them both. It's really sad but I haven't, as they say, 'reached out' to Ruth yet. She'll be inundated and won't want to hear from me, right now! I'll send her a message when I know what's really going on, not before. Otherwise, you're just adding to the noise."

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The beloved TV duo, who were a staple on This Morning for many years, announced their separation in May. Eamonn Holmes broke his silence at this year's TRIC Awards, his first public outing since the announcement, admitting he is "not ok" and it's "not a good time at all" for him.

He added: "It's too early to say but I hope we can still be friends." At the time of the split, a joint statement was issued stating: "Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes have confirmed their marriage is over and they are in the process of divorcing."

However, recent reports suggest that Eamonn has been receiving comfort from his friend Katie Alexander, a mother of three. It's reported that she has visited the father of four at his new residence in south-west London, following his move from the Surrey home he shared with Ruth.

This development follows reports that Ruth discovered messages between her husband and an unidentified woman on his laptop. A source told The Sun on Sunday at the time: "Ruth was completely taken by surprise when she saw the messages. She had no idea what had been going on between them. She was devastated. Not only was she very upset but she was also angry."

Ruth was recently seen enjoying an evening out at Anton du Beke and Giovanni Pernice's performance. This outing follows a source revealing to the Mirror: "She is helping Eamonn through the tough times but doesn't want to be seen as a marriage wrecker. The friendship has grown in recent months but Eamonn's marriage has been over for some time."

They continued: "She wants to help Eamonn with his situation and their friendship has grown over a period of time. She feels she will be close to him for a long period and is in this for the long haul."