Carol Vorderman Opens Up About Her Battle With Post-Menopausal Depression

After watching her be generally amazing in the jungle, it feels like the nation’s fallen in love with Carol Vorderman all over again.

But whilst things are pretty amazing for the television presenter now – it wasn’t always so sunny. This week, she opened up about her recent struggles with post-menopausal depression – and said that had it not been for her children, she would have considered suicide.

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After losing her fellow Countdown host Richard Whitely, she felt things were all piling on top.

Speaking to The Sun she described how bleak things felt at times: “Had I been in different circumstances, I could understand why people take their lives - because you can’t think of a way out.

"I couldn’t see the point of going on sometimes. It was a horrible place to be. I’ve been struck by grief, and experienced bad times. But this was different.

"We’ve all had crap times. I’ve had a divorce, various things go wrong, my mum’s had cancer.

"When Richard died I was struck by grief, but they were different because there was a reason for feeling low

"This time there was no reason. Nothing terrible had happened. And I was not just low, I was properly depressed. Really deeply depressed.”

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She was then told that her depression could be linked to the menopause with the various hormonal changes that the body goes through impacting her mental health.

After getting treatment, the maths wizz now says that she feels on top of the world – and hasn’t felt low since.

She said: "I’ve never had a moment, not a second since. Isn’t it crazy? It’s just a simple chemical imbalance, and that’s all it was. That’s a natural thing just because of ageing. Think how many people suffer just because of that?”

We’re glad to see you’re back on top form, Cazza!