Cars parked on pavement smashed up and spray painted with 'MOVE'

One of the cars with its windows smashed and covered in paint. (Reach)

Cars that were partly parked on a pavement have had their windows smashed and been spray painted with the word 'move'.

Residents on Glover Street in Leigh, Greater Manchester, woke up on Monday morning to find several cars had been covered in bright yellow paint.

It is unclear why the vehicles were targeted, but some people on social media say it was because they were blocking the pavement.

However, others have criticised the vandalism, calling it "appalling".

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A number of cars were targeted in Leigh, Greater Manchester. (Reach)

Images of three cars covered in paint were posted on a Facebook group.

One commenter said the way the cars were parked meant buggies and wheelchairs would not be able to get through, saying it was "not acceptable".

However, another said the car owners "don't deserve this".

The cars were smashed and spray painted with the word 'move'. (Reach)

One Facebook user said: "Unfortunately, a lot of our streets aren't wide enough for the amount of cars to park up so sometimes it's necessary to park partly on the pavement.

"I know and can understand how this isn't good, but they should leave enough room for disability scooters and prams."

Yahoo News UK has approached Greater Manchester Police for comment.