Cassidy Hutchinson reveals Trump’s ‘very potent fear of being poisoned’

Donald Trump liked to be served Heinz ketchup from a small glass bottle due to a “very potent fear of being poisoned”, a former White House aide has claimed.

Cassidy Hutchinson, who served as an aide to Mr Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, said the former president would “launch” food or crockery at the walls “once or twice a week” or following a bad news story.

It comes following the publication of Ms Hutchinson’s bombshell new book Enough, in which she has disclosed many shocking details about her time in the Trump administration.

Discussing the book on late night US talk show Jimmy Kimmel, Live!, Ms Hutchinson revealed the president’s cautionary habits with regard to eating.

“How often did the president throw ketchup at the walls? Was it a regular occurrence?” Kimmel asked her.

Laughing, Ms Hutchinson replied: “I don’t know if you know this or anyone knows this but Donald Trump has a very potent fear of being poisoned.

“So he uses and prefers the small Heinz glass ketchup bottles because he likes to hear his valet or whoever is serving him his meal – he likes to hear the pop [as the bottle opens].”

Kimmel joked: “I thought it was because his hands were so little, it made it look like a real ketchup bottle. That’s for poisoning huh? Do you think he got this fear of poisoning from all the ex-wives?”

“Or is it Russia? I don’t know,” replied Ms Hutchinson, laughing again.

She continued: “Sometimes it would happen once or twice a week, sometimes more. Sometimes there would be a week or so lull but then there would be a bad news story.

“But it wasn’t just launching the food and the plates and the porcelain at the wall it would also be flipping the table cloth.”

Ms Hutchinson’s revelations about life working under the former president, while sometimes comical, have also been more sincere. She previously described him as “the most grave threat we will face to our democracy in our lifetime, and potentially in American history.”