Cassie has learned to 'embrace her body for what it is'

Cassie feels proud of her figure credit:Bang Showbiz
Cassie feels proud of her figure credit:Bang Showbiz

Cassie has learned to "love" her body.

The 36-year-old singer relished the experience of starring in Kim Kardashian’s Skims adverts, and Cassie admits to feeling proud of her figure.

Asked if she had any qualms about showing some skin, Cassie - who has Frankie, two, and Sunny, 18 months, with fitness trainer Alex Fine - said: "I was honestly just so excited to be asked to be a part of [it], it barely crossed my mind.

"I’ve also come to a place of loving my body for all that it’s done for me and my family and embracing it for what it is. I think that this campaign celebrates that."

Cassie modelled for the Skims brand alongside Brooke Shields, Chelsea Handler and Juliette Lewis, and the 'Must Be Love' hitmaker still has fond memories of the shoot.

She told the New York Post newspaper's Page Six Style column: "The shoot day was on my birthday, and I had a wild day of travel, but I made it, and everyone was great to work with. My whole family came, it was a really nice day."

Cassie - who previously dated rap star Diddy - always makes a concerted effort to dress stylishly.

The chart-topping singer admitted that she derives "confidence" from what she wears.

Cassie - who married Alex in 2019 - shared: "I like to wear certain things around the house even if it’s not a sexy time. Nothing crazy, maybe just a bra and boxers or a romper. It just makes me carry myself different and feel a different confidence.

"[Alex and I] also make sure to carve out time with each other. It’s difficult with two toddlers, but we make it work. It’s just sexy no matter what when we get that time, because we have to work for it!"