Casualty EXCLUSIVE: A shock new arrival in dramatic double bill!

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Casualty exclusive — a double bill and new cast member!

September typically signals a time of new beginnings, and this is particularly true in Holby-land as Casualty celebrates its birthday and kicks off a new season.

The medical drama made its TV debut on 06 September 1986 and it still going strong. In fact, this weekend the 38th series got off to a bang (ahem) in opening episode Aftermath when senior medics Donna Jackson (Jaye Jacobs) and Max Cristie (Nigel Harman) became close and personal… (!)

Viewers, and the naughty medics, barely have time to catch their breath, as this steamy new storyline will be quickly followed by a dramatic double bill on Saturday, September 2.

But that's not all... The double bill will also welcome a new character onto the wards of Holby ED!

Warning: Casualty spoilers beyond this point

What we know…

There will be two episodes of Casualty airing on Saturday, September 2 on BBC One.

The Ostrich Effect

The first visit to Holby ED airs at 8.30 pm with The Ostrich Effect, where Max's secret ill health takes a dramatic downward turn — yet the stubborn clinical lead remains determined to deny the reality of his deadly situation.

Meanwhile, Faith Cadogan’s drug addiction story really ramps up as her cancer lies unravel. So far, Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) has dodged more bullets than Keanu Reeves in The Matrix, so it remains to be seen whether she will finally run out of lives…

Elsewhere, paramedic Teddy Gowan (Milo Clarke) seeks advice from an unlikely source — his uncle Gethin West, played by the excellent Robert Pugh.

Max Cristie is shocked by Donna Jackson's unexpected advances - but not for long!
Max Cristie is shocked by Donna Jackson's unexpected advances - but not for long!

One Hundred Years

The second episode, One Hundred Years, airs straight afterwards at 9.20 pm and sees time running out in a major way for both Max and Faith.

Faith’s best friend, doctor Stevie Nash (Elinor Lawless in top form) is keeping a keen eye on the nurse. And, as the net closes in, a highly strung Faith implodes!

Elsewhere, Teddy struggles with his conflicting feelings for junior doctor Paige Allcott (Shalisha James-Davis), which prompts him to make an impulsive decision. What he decides to do, only time will tell, but we’re looking forward to this development!

Time's up for Faith!
Time's up for Faith!

The biggest shock in this episode, however, is reserved for nurse Jodie Whyte, who has an unexpected reunion when a new character is introduced — to Max's complete and utter dismay!

Jodie (Anna Chell) and Max are barely on speaking terms at the moment, due to his brutal rejection of his daughter after finding out he has kidney failure.

Speaking to What To Watch Nigel Harman teases: “Another member of the family may be turning up… I can’t possibly tell you any more than that, but it’s exciting!”

It’s an excellent teaser from the Casualty star, who has been announced as a contestant in Strictly Comes Dancing 2023, and the mind boggles…

So many questions!

A family member? Who? Is Jodie about to gain a new auntie, uncle, or sibling? Because, when all’s said and done, what do we actually know about Max’s private life? Also, who will be playing this pivotal role?!

Well, the new member of Max’s clan joining Casualty in One Hundred Years is…

[Humour us and imagine a drumroll]

Kate Williams!

The star of classic British shows On the Buses, Love Thy Neighbour, May to December, Family Affairs and Birds of a Feather will be making her debut on Saturday, September 02 as Stella Lawson — Max’s ma and Jodie’s grandmother!

Kate is well known for the role of Liz Turner on EastEnders, giving her a real-life connection to fellow former ‘Ender, Nigel! Other impressive credits include Quadrophenia, Only Fools and Horses, Silent Witness, Call the Midwife and Unforgotten.

Speaking about her new role on Casualty, Kate says: “It’s a joy to be working in such a long-running, well-loved show and to be given the opportunity to play a very feisty ‘senior!’”

She also hinted at what viewers can expect with the new character… “Stella is very direct, very opinionated, and quite loud… I love her.”

Meet the family! Jodie treats nanna Stella...
Meet the family! Jodie treats nanna Stella...

While this isn’t the experienced actor’s first visit to Holby-land — she played a character called Catherine Salter in Holby City in 2011 and guest starred as a woman named Rosie Cornwall on Casualty in 2014 — this is her first recurring role in the medical drama... and she's set to make waves!

Welcome aboard Kate!

Eddie Marsan is a BIG Kate Williams fan:

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Casualty nurse Jodie Whyte does not look happy to see Max Cristie.
Casualty nurse Jodie Whyte does not look happy to see Max Cristie.