Casualty star Anna Chell reveals shock attack in Jodie's future

jodi whyte, casualty
Casualty's Anna Chell reveals attack for JodieBBC

Casualty spoilers follow.

Casualty star Anna Chell has revealed that Jodie Whyte will be victim to a shock attack in the coming weeks.

Jodie has been in the thick of it since her introduction on the soap last month, with the revelation that she is the estranged daughter of Max Cristie, but Chell teased that it won't be the last of the drama for her character.

jodi whyte, casualty

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“We will see Jodie attacked by a patient and she’ll also kiss Ryan after a couple of drinks,” she told TV Times. “Plus, Jodie and fellow nurse Cam [Barney Walsh] are involved in a story with a snake.”

The actress also teased the upcoming developments which will see unexploded bombs from World War II found in the possession of a patient, leaving the ward on high alert.

“As Jodie and her colleagues start cleaning [a patient] up, they discover he’s badly burnt - then a couple of grenades and a glass bottle fall out of his bag,” she revealed. “They’re panic-stricken. You’ve only got seconds before it explodes, so Jodie takes [charge] and waits for the bomb-disposal experts.”

Chell previously spoke exclusively with Digital Spy about Jodie and Max’s shared secret, hinting that her character was feeling mixed emotions.

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“Max and Jodie navigate their way through work battling a huge mix of emotions/feelings. There’s so much under the surface that hasn’t been addressed,” she said. “Deep down she longs for a father figure to look after her, but is her ego too big to let him in? Is she too hurt? Does she know the history of Max and her mum?

“There is SO much more to be explored and working with Nigel Harman is fab, we always have a laugh and I know if I need any reassurance, Nigel will always be there. I’m very grateful to be working alongside him,” she added.

Casualty airs on Saturdays on BBC One and streams on BBC iPlayer.

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