Cat Deeley shares heartbreaking reason she burst into tears on This Morning

Cat Deeley lost her dog Lilly last year

Watch Cat Deeley talks about bursting into tears on This Morning

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Cat Deeley admitted she burst into tears when she met This Morning's dog Buddy on Tuesday after she lost her own dog last year.

It's Deeley and Ben Shephard's second day in their roles as full time hosts, replacing Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on the ITV daytime chat show. Buddy - who is an autism assistant puppy - recently became a member of the This Morning family and he was named by viewers after being introduced by Alison Hammond.

Ben Shephard and Cat Deeley on This Morning. (ITV screengrab)
Ben Shephard and Cat Deeley on This Morning. (ITV screengrab)

During Tuesday's instalment of This Morning, Deeley said she was in tears after meeting Buddy behind the scenes and Shephard teased her saying he didn't make her cry with excitement. But Deeley had a sad reason for breaking down in tears after meeting the puppy because she had lost her own dog last year. Now she plans to get two dogs for her family.

What, how and why?

The This Morning puppy is only eight weeks old and has a special job. (ITV screengrab)
The This Morning puppy has a special job. (ITV screengrab)

Deeley said: "Before that he's the newest member of the this morning - except from us!"

Shephard teased her saying: "But I didn't make you cry like Buddy did this morning. She only met him a few moments ago and she burst into tears."

Deeley replied: "Yes I've already cried. He's having to hold me back right now so I can read lines and do an interview."

Shephard noted Deeley's love of dogs. He said: "Every time Buddy whimpers or squeals, you squeal too."

The presenters then enjoyed meeting Buddy again on screen while they discussed the impact autism assistant dogs can have on people's lives with experts.

Buddy returned to This Morning on Tuesday. (This Morning Instagram)
Buddy returned to This Morning on Tuesday. (This Morning Instagram)

Afterwards, Deeley said she had managed to hold it together and didn't cry in front of everyone. Shephard then extended his sympathy to his co-host saying: "You lost a dog in the summer."

Deeley paid tribute to her late dog Lilly on social media in September last year with a sweet video. On Tuesday, she said: "She was so lovely."

Deeley shared she would like to get another dog. She said: "I'd like to do a rescue and I'd like to do a puppy." Though she did joke she had heard some "nightmare stories" about puppies.

What has been the reaction to Cat Deeley and Ben Shephard?

This Morning hosts Cat Deeley and Ben Shephard. (ITV)
This Morning hosts Cat Deeley and Ben Shephard. (ITV)

On Monday, This Morning viewers complained about Cat Deeley and Ben Shephard's debut - saying it was an anti-climax, despite the presenters being incredibly excited.

Deeley told viewers on her first day: "We are so excited to be here, this show has been a huge part of our lives for so long, so to actually be standing here, with you, it's good."

Shephard elaborated on their excitement saying: "Giddy! It is very special, we are thrilled to be here and we've got a packed show. Everyone has been so kind. Thank you to everyone who has sent us messaged of support."

Among the comments on social media, one person wrote: "It's a bit disappointing they didn't change the titles or change the set in some way to mark a new ere for #ThisMorning."

Another commented: "I was at least expecting the #ThisMorning logo to have their names on as the new permanent Monday to Thursday presenters."

However, others had praise for the new presenters. Another posted: "Nice to see Ben Shepherd and Cat Deely presenting #ThisMorning."

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