Ant and Dec give 'warning' to This Morning's Ben Shephard about Cat Deeley

Cat Deeley and Ben Shephard started their jobs on This Morning

Watch Cat Deeley and Ben Shephard start This Morning host jobs

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Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly gave Ben Shephard a playful warning about Cat Deeley's partying antics.

It was Shephard and Deeley's first day as the new official This Morning hosts as they took on the baton from Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

Ant, Dec and Deeley have history together as they starred on children's TV show SMTV Live together. In her early 20s, Deeley got her big break as a co-presenter with the cheeky pair. They also worked on music show CD:UK together, with both shows being a big success.

As This Morning kicked off with the new hosts, Ant and Dec shared a hilarious message of good luck to the presenters and they had some words of advice for Shephard as he now co-presents with one of their longtime friends in the showbiz world.

What, how and why?

TV presenter Cat Deeley on stage with her SMTV co-presenters and Hosts Ant & Dec in 2001.
TV presenter Cat Deeley on stage with SMTV co-presenters Ant and Dec in 2001. (Getty)

Not long into the show, Shephard and his co-host Deeley shared a funny exchange as the show began. He admitted: "Cat, I've had a little word of warning."

Playfully, Deeley responded: "Oh god." Shephard then clarified what the word of warning was about saying: "About working with you." Deeley cheekily quipped: "Oh no." Shephard added: "From your old mates."

Hilariously Deeley pretended to be in shock questioning: "Why? What?" Then the show cut to a message from Ant and Dec who wished them good luck for their first show as the new This Morning hosts. Dec said: "Have the best time, you're gonna be amazing. We can't wait to watch."

Cat Deeley and Ben Shephard kicked off the show on This Morning. (ITV screengrab)
Cat Deeley and Ben Shephard kicked off the show on This Morning. (ITV screengrab)

Ant playfully warned Shephard about Deeley's partying antics. He said: "A little bit of word of advice we've worked with Cat. She might be all sweetness and light. That girl can party. That girl can party. Don't think she can't."

"Keep a lock on the drinks cabinet," Dec added. The cheeky duo erupted into laughter as they had enjoyed sharing secrets about their long-time friend. A pleased Deeley responded: "My motto is work hard, play hard."

This only convinced Shephard that the pair would fit right into the This Morning family. He added: "You're in the right place to play hard. there's a lot of booze on this show."

Deeley said: "Excellent I cannot wait and I've seen the chocolate Easter eggs."

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How did This Morning start?

This Morning started with Shephard and Deeley introducing themselves as they started in their new positions. Shephard said: "Oh hello! It's Monday, March 11. Welcome to a brand new week on This Morning. "

Deeley shared the pair's great excitement about starting their new jobs together on This Morning. She said: "Yep. We are so excited to be here." Shephard agreed they were "giddy" to be there.

This Morning hosts Cat Deeley and Ben Shephard. (ITV)
This Morning hosts Cat Deeley and Ben Shephard. (ITV)

Deeley added: "We are, this show has been a huge part of our lives for so long. So actually to be standing here with you it's good."

Shephard thanked everyone for their support as they started off the show. He said: "It is very special. We are thrilled to be here. we have a packed show and line-up coming your way. Everyone has been so kind. Thank you for everyone who has sent messages of support."

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