My Cat Meows At The Same Time Every Night. Realising Why Brought Me To Tears

<span class="copyright">ANNA-ROSE GASSOT via Getty Images</span>
ANNA-ROSE GASSOT via Getty Images

We all know our pets have their own little personalities and human-like quirks (my childhood dog had favourite TV shows and hated on-screen wildlife).

But recently Reddit user u/AnonPinkLady shared a post to r/TrueOffMyChest which read, “I just realised my cat knows what a sunset is and purposefully tries to get a glimpse of them every day and my heart can’t take it.”

The post author shared that at around 5pm every day, the setting sunlight streams through a big door that leads to her apartment balcony. (Presumably, this changes as the seasons do.)

“Like most cats, she loves the warmth,“the poster shared. But “more than even that, she’ll meow and look at us curiously, until we scoop her up and hold her up at our eye level.”

The post author wrote, “She’ll reach her little paws forward and rest them against the glass and stare at the sun as it starts to drift below the city skyline.” Aww.

Cats do have a sense of time 

The poster was understandably touched by the realisation.

“I think I just realised my cat knows what time the sun sets and wants to look at it every day and that might be the most beautiful thing about her I have yet to discover. Help, why do I want to cry?” she asked.

But it turns out most cats do have somewhat of a sense of time, as anyone who can set their clock to their cat’s 6am cries for food will attest.

“Cats are crepuscular, meaning that they are primarily active around dawn and dusk. This is evolutionary, meaning all cats instinctively and naturally do the same,” cat behaviourist Anita Kelsey shared with Metro.

They may also pick up on context cues, such as when you come home from work and when you switch the kitchen lights on, to set their internal “clock” ― still, it’s sweet that this poster’s cat uses it for reasons other than extra kibble.

People found the post adorable 

“For ages, my house had awnings. Once I got rid of them, my two sweet kitties discovered the aeroplanes that fly overhead. They always heard the noise, but never knew what was causing it,” one commenter shared.

“They’re strictly indoor cats. Now they hear the planes and jump onto the back of the couch or on their cat perch and watch. It really is sweet to watch.“

Yet another site user wrote, “You are only human, it’s okay to cry. Occasionally I glimpse little quirks of my cats and it makes me cry too.”

I’m not even a cat person, but... is someone cutting onions around here?